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Most women use more or less to decorate themselves. But if something went wrong in making a mark-up, then the purpose could not be met rather than reverse. There are some simple strategies that make makeup more beautiful. Let’s learn some easy to make makeup. Pencil I-Lina jail, Leonard The top of the list of favorite favorites of the Girl Love lovers, Gail Islener Its price is relatively high. If available, then it is possible to convert available and low cost pencil liners to jail Aigner. Different colors of pencil-Kajal are available in the market. According to the choice, a pencil-Kajal .


Smoky i Smoky
Eye is now the most popular among the light ice cream makers. To make smoky I need to draw a hashtag on the outer corner of the eye surface. Then the handshake should be mixed in an angular way on the inside and outside of the light. Then it will be Smokey Eye. The way to avoid nasal stains on the eyelids Often, when you put mascara on the upper or lower papadas of the eye, it often leads to the eyes. So, when the mascara is attached, a spoon or unnecessary vending card on the eyelid, then the maska ​​will not fall on the leaves after maskar in normal routine. Similarly, mascara can also be applied to the lower eyelashes. Curl to the eyelids To make the eyes dramatic, there is no twisted eyelash jury. Eyelashes can be easily curled for long periods when the eyelash curler lightens. First I-lash curler will have to lighten with hair dryer. Waiting for a while, hot lashes can be used to curl the eyelids. Bobby pin to glue the faye i-lash Fake I-lash is used to make eyes look great and interesting. However, instead of enhancing the beauty of eyelash, it can damage your eyes. So Bobby Pin can be used to glue perfectly faux-lashes. Bobby pins can be glued perfectly with the fine parts.